The NEK Needs A Handyman

Published On: July 26, 2022

Imagine you needed a recliner moved across town. It should be easy as pie. All you need is a second person and a pick-up truck, and you should be done in about ten minutes. Simple…right?

Now imagine this. You are one of the members of our community that no longer has the ability to lift a chair. You also don’t have family around to stop by Sunday afternoon and get it done for you. What if this was a power recliner that helped you with mobility issues and you had been putting requests out online and by word of mouth for help to move this chair and no one even called you back?

This is the story of my very first client. Literally, no one else responded to her requests except me. It was a privilege to move that chair for her and give her the peace of mind that came with knowing her problem was solved.

This is why I am a handyman serving in Orleans County, Vermont. Helping people is a passion for me. And as a member of our community I know how hard it is to find skilled and trustworthy people to help accomplish those little, but important tasks. As a handyman, I’m big on the little stuff. No job is too small. By working with me, you will save time, secure peace of mind, and clear off that nagging to-do list.

Based in the city of Newport, I provide a wide range of services thanks to my eclectic collection of experiences. Since 2004 I’ve worked in construction, HVAC, carpentry, commercial roofing, welding, truck driving, painting, renovations, new construction, property maintenance, landscaping, etc. I’ve really done a little of everything! I recently settled back in the area and I’m looking forward to serving my community by meeting a crucial need: professional handyman services. From home repair, maintenance, and other odd jobs to carpentry and Home Watch services for those that can’t be at their properties year-round, I cover everything a good handyman should.

Reach out today and request a quote for the project that’s been nagging you!

Craig M. Noyes

your friendly neighborhood handyman

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